Legendary Asian Goods Store Opens a Food Court in Chelsea Market


Branding & Identity, Illustration, Animation, Signage, Store Layout


Legendary NYC Asian goods store, Pearl River Mart, reached out to us to collaborate with them to open the first Asian food mart in Chelsea Market. We developed the interior space, signage, and visual identity, with more installations throughout Chelsea Market to come.

We worked closely with Joanne Kwong to develop the interior store layout, customer flows, window decals, and neon signage

Pearl River Mart traditionally uses the double coy fish in their motherbrand. We developed matching signage but instead with the Taiyaki fish, popularized by the Asian pastry/snack.

The identity system features a robust illustration suite of Asian ingredients that are sprinkled throughout the space.

Color is used to distinguish each of the vendor stations PRMF will have on rotation. The system extends to wayfinding for delivery pickups as well as color-coding menus

The food market hosts rotating vendor stations featuring prominent Asian restauranteurs in the NYC area


Pearl River Mart

Creative Direction

Kevin Chao, Sean Danz


Kevin Chao, Sean Danz, Matilda Seo, Kenneth Lian, Melissa Handibode


Matilda Seo


Vadim Rabinovich (DaSignGuy)