Rebrand for the popular gaming rewards program


Branding, Design, 3D Modeling, Animation,


Rebrand BUFF, a gaming rewards program that pays its users to play the games they are already playing. We aimed to expand its appeal without alienating the hardcore-gamer userbase.

Buff Coin

A key part of the brand was the in app currency, AKA the BUFF. We designed a unique coin with an instantly recognizable iridescent material.

Digital Templates

Buff Emojis

A collection of custom emojis were designed for use in marketing materials as well as stickers on discord.

Buff Rewards Card




Any Studios

Branding / Design

Sean Danz, Kevin Chao

3D / Animation

Sean Danz

Art Direction

Roee Lotan, Assaf Dagan

Design Support

Hector Obtavio