Refreshing the identity of the Queens-based art organization providing grants and opportunities for NYC artists since 1966.


Branding & Identity, Signage, Website, Editorial


The new identity features a layered "color block" system inspired by the colorful postings on community bulletin boards -- a great symbol of the cultural exchange that occurs organically within a community.

The color blocks serve many functions including expanding to reveal different types of content, as well as an organizational tool for separating all of the distinct programs QCA has to offer.

QCA’s mission is to make art as accessible as possible

Assorted, color-coded printed matter for the wide variety of programs offered

The system expands to the different subsections of QCA

The new QCA website features all the robust programs and grants they have to offer, along with application forms, deadlines, artist resources, and more.

Most recently, we worked with QCA's Art Commissioning Program to develop a step-by-step handbook for art commissioning at any income level. The book was made accessible to the public to encourage community members to commission art that speaks to their own culture and diversity within NYC.


Queens Council on the Arts

Creative Direction

Kevin Chao, Sean Danz


Kevin Chao, Sean Danz, Matilda Seo

Web Development

Aarati Akkappedi


Matilda Seo


Kevin Chao, Matilda Seo, Jenny Kim

E-Book Staff

Hoong Yee Krakauer, Kelly Olshan, Daniel Valtuena