Ozu Was Right

A full-service film production studio independently run by directors Eileen Yoon and Grace Zhang with the mission of giving a voice to underrepresented POC and queer creatives.


Branding & Identity, Animation


The dynamic duo, Eileen Yoon and Grace Zhang, approached us to envision the official union and beginning of their film production studio. As long time collaborators, they bonded over long walks while discussing the genius of director Yasujirō Ozu.

We took great interest in that walking ritual, and developed a 7-legged "tiger-snake" that represent each founders' spirit animal. The 7 legs represent wholeness in the yin, yang, and 5 elemental energies and just straight up looks like it can walk indefinitely.


Ozu Was Right

Creative Direction

Sean Danz, Kevin Chao


Sean Danz, Kevin Chao, Matilda Seo

3D Rendering

Sean Danz