Human Person

A dynamic identity system for live concert VFX studio Human Person.


Branding & Identity


LA based Human Person is a creative technology and experiential studio built by friends that design the performances of some of today's biggest artists. We worked with them to create a new brand identity that can help them continue to grow.

To highlight the human element, every business card will be customized on the spot as a unique work of art.

The drawing system allows the team to emphasize anything, anytime including their growing list of capabilities.

Along with the handwriting, we also developed a human mascot that is able to contort in all different ways to be dynamic and reactive to its context.

With clients ranging from Keith Urban to RL Grime, the logo had to be flexible enough to work with all genres.


Human Person

Creative Direction

Sean Danz, Kevin Chao

Design & Animation

Sean Danz, Kevin Chao


Frances Waite


Matilda Seo, Frances Waite