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Branding, Packaging Design, 2015

Sherpa Power Tea

We worked closely with Global Family Farms to develop their brand new tea product that just recently hit the shelves in Whole Foods across the US. Sherpa Power Tea is an organic sweet tea that uses native Nepalese ingredients harvested by farmers in Nepal. Nepal is frequently a victim of earthquakes and hurricanes that destroy it's agriculture economy. The idea behind the product was to revitalize the Nepalese agriculture industry through the employment of farmers and exporting of their goods to provide high-quality bevarages to Western cities.

We decide to emphasize the labor and craft that happens behind the scenes for the production of the a bottle of Sherpa Power Tea. To achieve this, we used a physical and tactile design process. We were truly inspired by the terrace farming and landscape of Nepalese farms and drew a parallel to the art of the mandala—a spiritual and ritual symbol in South East Asia. Hand crafting the emblems used on the labels resulted in small imperfections and slight asymmetry—highlighting the artisan qualities of the herbs, the farmers, and the tea itself.

Lizzie Kelner, Designer
Steph Lin, Designer

Year: 2015

Winner of the NEXTY Best Beverage Award
Packaging of the World
The Dieline "Top 10 Package Designs"
Behance Graphic Design Showcase
Design That Sticks

CAPTION: The mandalas we constructed for the labels were inspired by the terrace farming terrain in nepal. The multi-tiered landscape is directly linked to the leveling of layers within each of the mandalas.


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