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Exhibition, Branding, Poster, 2015

Queens Council on the Arts

High School to Art School is a NYC-based program that is supported by Queens Council on the Arts. The program provides free portfolio building classes to NYC students that are unable to afford private art instructors, allowing them to receive scholarships from the nation’s top art schools—making their dreams a reality. QCA recently funded a HS2AS Alumni exhibition, featuring the work of students that have gone through their program and are currently working in the creative sector.

We worked with HS2AS to establish an exhibition identity for “Chapter 2.” The identity system focuses on then and now, and the path travelled by alumni to get to where they are today. The one thing tying them together is that path—with HS2AS being the one point of mutual intersection. This concept manifested itself in a the form of a line and directional arrow, used as a visual motif throughout the exhibition materials.

Yeon Ji Yoo, Eric Park, Head of HS2AS
Hanna Washburn, HS2AS Program Coordinator
Pratt Institute, Printing

Year: 2015


Free State of Jones Newspaper


Free State of Jones